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“Writing is easy.
All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.”
Mark Twain

About CopyKat Creative

Here at CopyKat we create copy that connects!   Specialising in persuasive writing for small business, we help you discover your business “voice” so your brand story can be told and your business can be heard.  Web copy, blog content, promotional material or just a catchy tag line, we like to shake things up a bit and give your brand personality.
We believe

The power of a good content is paramount to business success.  The words (copy) your business uses really shapes your brand personality and creates emotional connection with your customer so they connect with your message.  Powerful copy means you can stand out from your competitors and you can covert that to increased revenue!

Getting to know you

At CopyKat we focus on getting to know your business so we can help you discover your voice and reveal your own individual story in your promotional material.  Through listening carefully and getting creative, we help you create a brand personality that really speaks to your customers.


We collaborate extensively within the industry and work on both individual and joint projects.  There is so much to be gained from powerful collaboration and we have aligned ourselves with industry experts to hone knowledge and gain the best outcome for our clients.

” If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulder’s of giants” – Isaac Newton

More About CopyKat Creative

CopyKat Creative is owned and run by Katrina Lodge.  Professionally, I am a marketing content writer and travel blogger.  Privately, I am a horse crazy, beach loving, sun-worshipping, mother to three beautiful, energetic, challenging teenagers and important “human” to a myriad of furry friends!

This business has been pencilled on my psyche since I was a little girl.  Ever since I can remember I have loved words, language and the power of a good story to transform my world.

This passion for stories allowed me to gain a BA (English) at University, with a major in Journalism and to then follow a career in marketing and public relations.

Fast forward twenty plus years and my professional experience includes employment in sports marketing, travel and tourism marketing, construction and retail.  I have a strong interest in small business and have been involved with running my own businesses for the past 25 years.

Why launch CopyKat?

The beauty of getting older is that we can finally work out what we are good at.  It took me years of juggling a million different balls to realise what I actually love doing is creating content.  All my life I have been “the go to” person for friends and family when they need a letter written, an email drafted, a story concept, a business name, a tagline, content edited or anything to do with copy. Working on marketing consultancy projects, I was frequently asked if copywriting was a straight service I offered.   It made me think that perhaps I could make a business of this and transform my love for language into something profitable and focus on what I really like to do – tell stories…

I would love to help your business tell it’s own story…

Let’s work together

So just how can I work for you?

Maybe you can write great copy but you struggle to find the time?  Or you are finding it hard to write in a way that isn’t too formal, too pushy, too boring! Persuasive copy is so important to business as it allows you to connect to your customers and convert this connection into sales.

Copy is my forte so leave that side of your business to me.  Because I project quote, that means you can engage me on any scale – small, medium or large projects.  I have also set up some popular packages so you can easily budget for your next project.  It doesn’t matter to me how you would like to proceed– it’s all just creating beautiful words.  Let me find the words for your business and brand personality while you focus on running your business.

Our work includes but is not limited to…

both small and large projects. Here at CopyKat we understand that your business is different and so is your budget.  That’s why we are happy to create content for a range of projects.  We create copy for the following:

Website content

Business Names & Taglines

Blogs & Social Media

Newsletters & Sales Emails

Promotional & Sales Print Material

Advertisements – Digital, Print & Radio

Copy Reviewing & Editing



Why pay someone else when I can write copy myself?

Yep, great question!  So many of my clients come to me because whilst they would love to write their own copy, they just don’t have time.  Running your own business means trying to keep on top of a myriad of tasks.  By enlisting me to discover your brand’s voice I free you up to get on with running your business!

Often we are so close to the woods that we can’t see the trees.  It is really challenging writing about something you are close to.  Identifying what is unique and how to find the right tone to convey your message to your audience can be a real slog.  That’s where I come in.  I listen closely (and ask you a heap of questions), analyse your brand and consider where you have positioned yourself in the marketplace so that you can articulate exactly what you need to say about who you are and what you do.

Our Work

High Fives…

Here is where I let other people have their say with words, about my words…


We understand that the idea of engaging a copy writing company can be pretty daunting.  It’s really expensive right?  Well, not exactly.  The thing is, employing a professional copywriter can actually SAVE you money because we are (usually) very efficient at what we do (and if we’re not then that’s our problem, not yours).

PLUS, it’s what we are good at!  We know how important it is to write copy that increases inbound traffic both through it’s content and through optimising keywords for SEO.  That’s a fancy way of saying that we write copy that gets noticed and speaks to your customer as well as search engines .  So we write copy that has great content for your customer and we can strategically incorporate SEO keywords so you also ‘speak’ to search engines too.

We understand that budgets can quickly explode, so that’s why we have tailored these popular packages below so you know what it will cost you UPFRONT.  Of course we can quote individual projects too but we have found that many of our clients like to build the cost in at the BEGINNING of their project.  That’ s why we have created some packages to help you budget.  Either way, connecting with a copywriter can save you valuable time and money and leave you to meet the daily needs of your business.

  • Creative Kickstart Session
  • $220incl. GST
    • 1 – 1.5 hour brainstorming session
    • Post session notes
    • Tangible, workable ideas that you own
    • Material to inspire you and help you move forward creatively
    • Great for business names, taglines and content ideas.
    • Material to inspire you and help you move forward creatively

  • Web Copy made easy
  • $1650incl. GST
    • Pre-writing consultation
    • Copy for 4 main pages (up to 500 words each)
    • Incorporation of keywords (if provided)
    • Meta Title & Meta Description
    • 2 extra rounds of revisions
    • Additional pages $275 (individual page rate normally $400 per page)

Kickbutt Digital Content Copy

Inbound marketing (when customers come to you through content on vehicles like great blogs, emails, social media) is an important and cost effective vehicle to increase your business both in terms of brand awareness and sales. Promoting your business through social media, blogs, newsletters, podcasts, e-books, etc. is a way to attract customers to your business.  Strong and interesting content is paramount to any successful inbound marketing campaign.  That’s where CopyKat comes in.  We have developed a choice of 3 kickbutt packages:

  • Kickbutt Social Media Content
  • $190/weekincl. GST
    • Pre writing consultation
    • 5 Social media posts * over 7 days
    • Social Media Bio
    • Incorporate the use of hashtags
    • 1 round of revision
    • Volume pricing: additional posts charged at $30 per post

    * Imagery to be supplied

  • Kickbutt E-Newsletter Content
  • $650*incl. GST
    • Pre writing consultation
    • Content and copy development for 3 e-newsletters
    • Word count approx. 300 per newsletter
    • 3 e-newsletter subject lines
    • 1 round of revision per newsletter
    • * Volume pricing for e-newsletter campaigns of over 3 newsletters

  • Kickbutt Blog content copy
  • $1100*incl. GST
    • Pre writing consultation
    • Content development and copy for 3 blogs
    • Word count approx. 350-500
    • Keyword inclusion if provided
    • 1 round of revision per blog
    • Single blog rate: $350
    • Rates available for longer blogs upon request
    • * Volume pricing for Blog campaigns of over 3 blogs

Kickbutt Print Content Copy

Outbound marketing (when your customer finds you through more traditional paid methods marketing strategies like adverts) is still relevant and current for business.  We love creating copy for products, packaging, print advertisements, brochures, letters, signs, etc.  We can help you with your advertising campaign by helping you find the exact words to tell your campaign story.  If you need a creative edge to your project we would love to help you with the words.  Because this area is varied, we prefer to quote projects individually.



Individual Quotes

Quotes by project

Types of work: copy for products, print advertisements, brochures, letters, signs and anywhere else you need to stamp your brand personality!

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